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Hello, there.

I'm Christina Blust.
I make music & design things.

About Christina

Christina BlustI’m a working musician, singer-songwriter and recording artist. I’ve gotten to be part of some neat things, like an Emmy-Award-winning documentary and some pretty cool music festivals. See my discography. I’m a graphic & web designer who co-founded both Blustery Day Design and The Live Sincerely Project. Learn more about me or see what I’ve been thinking about.

Recent posts

December 1, 2018


Filed under: Musings

Recognizing a milestone, reflecting on change, letting my history and my gratitude fill me up.

February 23, 2015

On the slow march of my sister’s cancer, the swirling chaos of uncertainty in the face of change, and the kind of soul-searching that leads to the deepest questions of self, soul, and science.

October 9, 2014

On reclaiming songs about loves that are over, not letting things mean more than they have to, and paying attention to the way that very hard things make our true colors show in bursts of glory.

September 10, 2014


Filed under: Song of the Month

IT’S SWEATER WEATHER, YOU GUYS. (A reflection on hugs, a theology of closeness, and the most sort-of-suggestive song I’ve ever written.)

August 12, 2014

Episode 38: In Which Eli And Christina Discuss Music, Life And Stinky Vans; We Repeatedly Hear Christina Explain That She Doesn’t Know What She Is Doing Most Of The Time; And We Learn What Song Was Once Stuck In Christina’s Head For Ten Years.

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