I try to spend my time making things, learning things and being a generally good person. I am unduly excited by open source projects, good color combinations and well-written young adult novels.

Making music

I play accordion, piano and guitar. I sing all the time. I have one solo album (2009’s Sudden Amaryllis) and a few solo EPs under my belt. In 2010 several of my songs were featured in the Emmy-award winning documentary Baring It All, which followed the story of fashion photographer David Jay as he photographed the scars of young women with breast cancer (including my sister Vanessa Tiemeier).

I co-founded the Indie-folk band Yearbook Committee, who were official featured performers at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in 2011, 2012 & 2013. We have some albums that are quite good. I gig with Lunes Domingo from time to time and have a gaggle of side projects.

Designing things

logo-140My two sisters and I discovered EnVision Publisher on floppy disks as kids in the mid-1990s and thus began our illustrious careers in desktop publishing. After acquiring an art & graphic design degree from Xavier University, I co-founded Blustery Day Design with these same two sisters. My work for BDD includes designing logos, invites, album art, websites and all sorts of other things. I’ve also served in a consultancy role for some museum exhibits and larger merchandising projects.

Professionally, I have 16 years experience with Adobe software and am quite proficient at the Creative Cloud. I’m skilled at HTML and CSS, responsive design, WordPress theming, ebook structuring and solving design problems creatively. I like data and charts and I’m a Google Analytics Certified Individual (IQ). I can take complicated information of all sorts and make it accessible LIKE A BOSS. My brain is working all the time.

Also, I doodle. And have mad make-things-with-my-hands skills, which I earned by spending much of the ’90s at the library checking out handicraft books from the ’70s, and then sitting in my room and learning said handicrafts.


I have always been a lover of books and of thoughtfulness. I find that my best friends are the ones why try to answer hypothetical questions. I am bad at small talk. I enjoy filling out forms, which is why sometimes I help index genealogical records for the Mormons, even though I am not Mormon. I enjoy hanging out with my ancestors by looking them up in giant databases and finding traces of their lives in between the data points.

I revel in giving back to geeky pursuits on the Internet. I am a Wikipedia editor, a Goodreads librarian, and a FamilySearch indexer, among other things. Nerds will save the world.

logo180I also co-founded and write for the Live Sincerely Project, a blog and community that explores what it means to live a sincere life in the midst of good things and hard things. I run this project with my sister Jessica Yaeger, and we occasionally speak on this topic as well. The project originally began in 2012 in reaction to our sister Vanessa’s journey with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Vanessa died in February 2014 at age 32 after seven years of cancer. I miss her.

What’s with these colors?

Seriously this afghan is SO COOL.

Seriously this afghan is SO COOL.

I spent nine years working at the convent of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods as web manager and graphic designer. (Yes, nuns.) I created and managed a thousands-of-pages website for them, designed copious print pieces, and took & edited tons of photos.

The convent was a delightful place full of statues and VHS tapes and 1940s sewing machines (and nuns). When I first started working there years ago, I got cold, so I raided the sisters’ TV room (which consisted of rows of recliners facing the TV) for a hand-crocheted afghan to keep me warm, since the TV room was full of them.

The particular afghan I grabbed is the work of a color theory genius. It boldly goes where no afghan has gone before, with 1994 hot pink next to 1975 green next to sports-team navy next to baby-blanket yellow. I think the sister who crocheted it must have just opened up the convent yarn cabinet (which has been added to and taken from since the advent of yarn) and grabbed the first eight colors she saw.

I LOVE this afghan. So I made my website to match.