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I figured something out

Techniques, code and other neat stuff. It’s usually the case that “I figured something out” with the help of lots of others who came before. So thanks, Internet and libraries!

April 24, 2014

I love plugins, don’t get me wrong — but sometimes I want to know exactly what code is being added to my site and why. The “new” Universal Analytics are totally doable to hand-code in, no plugins needed.

March 16, 2014

Setting up Twitter card functionality really gives your site a more reputable appearance and helps Twitter users know what they’re going to see when they click your links. And it’s not too hard to do. Here’s how to set it up in Wordpress.

January 26, 2013

In making my website I came upon a puzzle I couldn’t solve, even with the help of the [very smart] internet. I needed to center a DIV within another DIV, but I needed the width of the inner div to stay malleable and flexible. There are several super-helpful centering guides, like this one using pseudo-elements  Continue Reading »