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Sing Till You Die album art

Sing Till You Die

Yearbook Committee

Release date: March 4, 2011

Sing-a-long indie loveliness from the Crossroads of America, or what happens when six songwriters get together and make a band.

A lot of folk with some of everything else thrown in there too. Folk yeah.

The first full-length album release from Yearbook Committee. Featuring Christina Blust, Jon DaCosta, Travis Dillon, David Goodier, Brad Lone, and Rachel Rasley. With the additional musical stylings of Jimmy Rinehart, John Murray, Eric Rasley, Jess DaCosta, and Mike Myers.

Press excerpts

“an instrument-switching, vocalist-rotating, everybody-writing sextet with a love of grassroots music and the people who love it back. Dig: The Innocence Mission and Steve Earle trade licks and whittling techniques on the universe’s front porch.”

CityBeat (Cincinnati)

“This band of six musicians have broken out of the traditional form of what makes up a band and in turn are playing as one whole harmonious unit, literally.”

Emily Speakes, SXSW

“Indiana’s Yearbook Committee falls under the orchestral folk out umbrella, but has a slightly darker sound than expected, though their range is wide with rotating songwriters in the band.”

Operation Every Band

Song stories

In addition to vocals and instrumentation on her bandmates’ songs, Christina’s songwriting is featured on “The Ballad of Eleanor Cecilia Bailly,” “Tall Trees,” “May June July” and “Seven Years.” She’s written about the stories and processes behind “Tall Trees” so far.



All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Yearbook Committee. Recorded at IE:Studios and the Verve. Engineered by Jon DaCosta. Final mastering by Don Arney at Quantum Music Production. Album design by Christina Blust/Blustery Day Design. Art in homage to cover art of an undated edition of Standard Classics for Guitar, arranged and selected by William Urai.

Christina Blust

Christina is a vocalist, songwriter, and player of accordion, guitar and piano. In addition to performing and writing as a solo artist, she has been a member of several projects including the indie-folk band Yearbook Committee (3-time SXSW official showcasing artist) and the accordion-electronic duo Mauveine. Her music has appeared on numerous releases and in an Emmy-award-winning documentary. Christina is also a designer, developer and one half of Blustery Day Design. She is an active Wikimedia contributor and supporter of open knowledge and is the co-founder of The Live Sincerely Project. Originally from northern Kentucky, Christina lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more.