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I am wild and ready to know everything.

In honor of school starting in August around these parts, here’s my song about my first day of preschool.

Mini-Christina carried an insane amount of confidence. In general I did what I wanted without regard for the opinion of others. Bits of this previous self appear now and then, but mostly I look back in awe at the nerve of who I used to be.

My mom says that on my first day at Bluebird Christian Preschool I threw a bit of a fit because it was MY SCHOOL and NOT HER SCHOOL and she really needed to leave now, thank you. I apparently threw a similar fit on parents’ day.

(Sorry, Mom.)

I don’t remember doing this, but I remember wanting to learn absolutely everything. I was voracious. I couldn’t get enough words and pictures. I WANTED ALL OF IT.

The song itself is just a little thing. Sparse and simple. I like it a lot.

You can find the song on my album Sudden Amaryllis.


I never learned a thing before today, so just leave me now.
I’ll be fine, I promise.
The doors are open wide for me.
They are red and wooden.
I am wild and ready to know everything.

Top image credits Left: detail of Art Collection of Prince Władysław Vasa by Étienne de La Hire. Oil on canvas, circa 1625. Right: Mini Christina. Mom probably took this.


  1. Jessica on August 11, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    HA! I so remember that era Christina – You were FIERCE, sister. And still are, in fact. 😉 Lovely song! Love the lyrics and story behind the song in these monthly songs – can’t wait to see what you pick next month. 🙂

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