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Tall Trees (Yearbook Committee)

November 9, 2011 in

Official music video for the Yearbook Committee song “Tall Trees” from Sing Till You Die. Filmed at various tree-y locales around Terre Haute and done by Johnny Hazard.

Read the Song Story behind “Tall Trees” here!

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Christina Blust

Christina is a vocalist, songwriter, and player of accordion, guitar and piano. In addition to performing and writing as a solo artist, she has been a member of several projects including the indie-folk band Yearbook Committee (3-time SXSW official showcasing artist) and the accordion-electronic duo Mauveine. Her music has appeared on numerous releases and in an Emmy-award-winning documentary. Christina is also a designer, developer and one half of Blustery Day Design. She is an active Wikimedia contributor and supporter of open knowledge and is the co-founder of The Live Sincerely Project. Originally from northern Kentucky, Christina lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more.